The New York Women’s Culinary Alliance fosters networking, education, and cooperation for women in the culinary and beverage fields in the New York metro area. 

Our main focus is providing networking opportunities and sharing culinary information for all members through member-generated programs and events. As such, every year the Alliance provides dozens of dynamic networking with continuing education opportunities including ongoing food and wine tastings, hands-on culinary workshops, food and drink tours, and business and skills workshops and seminars.  

As a volunteer-based 501(c)(6) nonprofit, we depend on active participation by all members, making the Alliance one of New York's most relevant and vibrant culinary organization for women.

HOW IT ALL BEGAN.... One day in early 1981, an exciting rumor was weaving its way through the test kitchens, restaurants, magazines, catering halls, food businesses and publishing houses of New York City. There was to be a meeting at La Tulipe... READ MORE


Chef Rhadia’s appreciation and gift for cooking come from the many stops of her adventurous life as a military dependent. Born in Champaign, Illinois , Rhadia was raised on military bases in areas as culturally diverse as California, Florida, and Washington DC. Her time there exposed her to different flavors and cultures through food and ignited a lifelong culinary passion.  Rhadia has earned degrees from the University of Maryland, College Park, and The Center for Culinary Education at Chattahoochee Technical College.

Rhadia started her culinary career as a personal chef in Atlanta. In 2010, she started her own personal/private chef business. Many of her clients practiced the Paleo lifestyle. Unfamiliar with Paleo, Rhadia learned everything about this diet and quickly became known as the Paleo chef around town. In 2013, sherelocated to New York City, where she worked as a chef for various events such as the New York City Wine & Food Festival. Rhadia has worked in healthcare as a chef for Archcare, and Mt. Sinai Hospital, and has worked as a chef consultant for Center Light Healthcare. Rhadia currently works as a private chef in New York City and the Hamptons.



Rhadia Hursey
Private Chef

Vice President 

(position open)


Betty Comerford
Family & Consumer Science Teacher/Greenhouse & Garden Coordinator, Hommocks Middle School

Recording Secretary

(position open)

Board Members

Sarah Abrams
Freelance Food Styling and Culinary Production

Jeannie Chen
Food Stylist, Culinary Producer, Recipe Developer/Tester

Brona Cosgrave

Immediate Past President

Principal, Eat, Drink, Engage

Amy Lee-Miller
Photographer, Food Stylist, Event Planner, Social Media Planner

Garima Kothari
Caterer & Chef, Breaking

Joyce Appelman
Director of Public Relations and Events, Total Food Service

Anna Klainbuam
Trend Consultant/Writer

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