120 new members! Shuffleboard in Bklyn + Ethiopian in Inwood – how milk punch gets made – next issue in September (just in time for the potluck!)


Newsletter – July 2019

Summer & Fall Programs

You guys. We have a TON of events on the calendar. See you there!

Up On the Roof Picnic Mixer (Waitlist Only)

Wednesday, July 17, 2019, 6:00 - 9:00 PM

New Member Happy Hour (New Members Only)

Tuesday, July 30, 2019, 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Happy Hour August (Save the Date)

Wednesday, August 7, 2019, 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Cabana Party at Royal Palms Shuffleboard

Sunday, August 18, 2019, 5:00 - 7:00 PM

Inwood Ethiopian Dinner and Coffee Talk with Buunni Coffee (Save the Date)

Thursday, Sept 12, 2019, 7:00 - 9:30 PM

New Member Orientation (Save the Date)

Monday, September 16, 2019, 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Open Board Meeting (Save the Date)

Monday, September 23, 2019, 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Sumptuous Caribbean Feast--Fall Potluck (Save the Date)
Tuesday, October 15, 2019, 6:00 - 8:00 PM


From the President

Alliance President Rhadia Hursey Welcomes YOU!

On behalf of the board, I want to welcome our new members and renewing members! We have several terrific events planned this summer and several fresh and exciting events coming up this fall.

As a reminder, you have full access to our new website, www.nywca.org. In order for the membership directory to be a useful tool for all members, it’s essential that your profile is accurate. Please take a few minutes to log-in and review your profile.

Check that your contact information is accurate. How about your bio? Have you uploaded a headshot? If there is anything amiss, just click on “Edit Profile” and make the changes.

Check specifically for typos, correct initial caps for names, correct addresses and job titles. See that there aren't too many spaces between paragraphs in your bio and that your phone numbers are formatted correctly. Look too to see that the links to your personal website and social media work correctly.

We’re a volunteer-run organization; there’s no staff behind the scenes taking care of such things—we do it all ourselves. If you are interested in working on a committee or have questions about how you can get more involved, please feel free to send me an email.

I look forward to meeting each of you at future events!

And the New and Re-Joining Members Are . . . 

Susan Abranovic  Food Manufacturer, Importer and Wholesaler

Chitra Agrawal  Owner/Manufacturer, Brooklyn Delhi

Danielle Alex  Chef/Owner, Diversity Kitchen

Pamela Amatucci  Senior Catering Manager, Compass Group USA

Jameeale Arzeno  Chef/Caterer, CHICpeas

Roseann Atkins  Pastry Instructor, NY Cake Academy

Angela Bankhead – Brand Manager, Marcus Samuelsson Group

Stephanie Banyas Business Assistant to Bobby Flay, Bold Food, Inc.

Alanna Bass Social Media Strategist and Designer, 1988

Ashtin Berry Food and Beverage Activist, Sommelier, Beverage Consultant, Radical Xchange

Auzerais Bellamy -- Founder, Blondery

Danielle Black  Digital Editor

Sarah Brown – Chef

Melissa Cameron  Procurement Associate, Misfits Market

Stacy Carroll Director of Impact, Womxn’s Leadership Programs, James Beard Foundation

Shelley Chapman – Mindful Eating Educator, Cooking Show Host

Sheena Chello  Chef/Cook

Tatiana Chin – Recipe Developer

Patricia Connolly Chef/Owner, Garnish Catering NYC

Natalie Cruz Culinary Educator, Hey Natalie Love

Francesca Cwynar Content Writer, Social Media Consultant and Food Photographer,

Pensive Foodie 

Laura Dadap Co-Founder, Djablo

Emily Daniels CEO, International Pathways

Samantha Davis Chef, Restaurant Owner/Manager, FieldTrip and Henry at Life Hotel 

Erica DeMane  Author, Culinary Educator, Improvisation, Italian Style

Julia Devin  Food Journalist

Roe Di Bona  Product Development, Founder, Rocking Horse Cafe

Gaia DiLoreto CEO, Brooklyn Slate Company

Erin Fairbanks Co-Founder, Women in Hospital

Maya Feller  Owner, Maya Feller Nutrition (see profile below)

Shannon Feulner  Food Stylist, Food Network

Julie Flanagan  Sales Manager, Gourmet Cargo

Atira Fulton  Owner/Operator, From Cupcake with Love

Alyssa Gagarin  Owner, Meal Prep Chef

Nicole Gajadhar  Chef, Culinary Educator

Victoria Gaynor  Founder, Victoria Akkari

Nicole Day Gray - Owner/Founder, AgriForaging Food Safety, Catskills Regional Harvest,

Delaware County FoodWorks

Ashley Giddens  Recipe Developer and Tester

Lisa Goldberg Owner, The Curious Tour

Jacqueline Greaves  Chef

Alison Haas  PR Manager

Abigail Hitchcock Owner, Abigail's Kitchen

Dana Jacobi Owner, Dana's Market Basket

Airis Johnson Chef/Owner, Airis the Chef (see profile below)

Sicily Johnson, Chef, Caterer and Culinary Educator

Dayana Joseph Executive Chef, Dine with Day

Bella Karakis CBDO/Co-Founder, Chefscape

Daisy Katz  Social Media/Content Marketing, Eats_N_deets

Dawn Kelly  CEO, The Nourish Spot

Kyla Kelly  Chef

Kristal Kirkland  Personal Chef, K-Souls

Jean Lee  Principal, Jean Lee Consulting

Dara Levine – Owner, Dara Levine Photo

Jackie Lieberman  Publisher, NJFlavor.com

Amy Lim  Designer/Illustrator, Recipe Developer, Food and Wine Writer, Kimchi Mom

Beth Linskey  Consultant

Kristina Lopez – Branding, Marketing, Events, Food Photography, Kokorikokuriko 

Lisa Mansour  Owner, NY Cake

Nicky Marcelin – Owner, Epicurious Safari

Liza Marinaro  Director of Operations & Logistics, Genuine Foods

Julia Mase – Talent Acquisition Manager, Starr Restaurants

Corinne Matthew – Chef/Manager, Sea Island Seafood Restaurant

Alycia Matthews – Chef, PR/Marketing, Foodie Engineer

Kristyn Mazza – Recruiting Manager, Patina Group

Cha McCoy – Founder, Cha Squared Consulting

Dani McReynolds – Baker, Stylist, Recipe Developer

Rachel Meisel – Nutrition Advocate, The Naughty Nutritionist

Klancy Miller  Writer and Cookbook Author (see profile below)

Antonette Morris – Pastry Chef/Cake Designer

Therese Nelson  Founder, Black Culinary History

Nadine Nelson  Global Local Gourmet

Annette Nielson  Manager, Community Partnerships and Food, Nutrition and Culinary Programs, The Horticultural Society of NY

Shauna Noel-Robinson  Executive Chef, Tasting Queens

Kathleen O'Brien Price  Chef, Culinary Educator

Jennifer O'Flanagan  Founder, Feast PR

Kris Ohleth  Owner, Garden State Kitchen

Josephine Ortiz-Bynum – Chef

Yolanda ‘Yoli’ Ouiya – Owner, Kinetic Elements

Lauren Palmeri – Freelance Food Stylist/Culinary Producer

Su in Park – Founder, Forward Roots

Tiara Parkinson – Private Chef, Catered To a T

Kimberly Parris – Executive Chef/Owner, The Caribdiva Company 

Shaquay Peacock – Chef

Lindsey Pehrson – Assistant Comptroller, Hale & Hearty

Colette Peters – Owner, Colette’s Cakes

Stephanie Posner – Chef 

Sarina Prabasi – Co-Founder, Buunni Coffee

Anandi Premlall Chef/Cook and Culinary Educator

Rasheeda Purdie – Chef, Red Rooster Harlem

Elizabeth Ann Quirino – Cookbook Author, Besa-Quirino

Maria ‘Bing’ Reid – Food Blogger and Cook, Foodyholic

Olivia Roszkowski – Culinary Editor, Editor-Food and Wine

Kelly Ruben – Private Chef and Recipe Developer 

Angela Sanchez-Robles – Baker/Cake Designer, Author, Mind-Over-Batter.com

Elizabeth Saxe – Food and Wine Writer

Jessica Sennet – Founder, Cheese Grotto 

Almira Session – Cook, Red Rooster Harlem

Yolanda Shoshana – Culinary Historian 

Ruby Silvera – Management, Esteem  

Shalini Singh – Owner/Founder, Shalini’s Kitchen 

Tresia Smith – Owner, Black Eyed Peas and More

Cybille St. Aude – Chef/Owner, Earthseed Provisions

Fawziyya Sugai – Owner, Gwell

Barbara Tanis – Creative Director/Founder, Tanis Design

Lesley Tellez – Owner/Founder, Eat Mexico

Kaylah Thomas – Culinarian 

Dominek Tubbs – Food and Wine Writer

Gretchen Vanesselstyn – Director of Education, Specialty Food Association

Linda Villano – Co-Founder/Owner, SerendipiTea

Colleen Vincent – Director/Culinary Community Initiatives, James Beard Foundation

Sanura Weathers – Food Writer/Graphic Designer,


Stephanie Whitten – Baker/Cake Designer

lesha Williams – Chef/Owner, The Salty Heifer 

Katie Workman – Founder/Owner, The Mom 100

Ulrike Wrage – Food Blogger, Gotham Foodie

Ellen Yin – Owner, High Street Hospitality

Melanie Young – Owner, The Connected Table

Francesca Zani – Culinary Associate Producer, The Garnished Plate

Want to learn more about members? Need to update your bio? Here's the directory.


Member Spotlight


Meet (and Maybe Collaborate with) Three New Members

By Leslie Super 

Please join us in welcoming three of our newest NYWCA members. Read all about their careers here and learn their responses to this one question: What are you hoping to get out of the Alliance? The answers are below.  

Maya Feller, MS, RD, CDN, Registered Dietitian and founder of Maya Feller Nutrition.

Maya specializes in chronic disease prevention by providing one-on-one nutrition counseling as well as group nutrition education. She has shared her nutrition knowledge with millions of people across the country as an on-air nutrition expert on Good Morning America and The Dr. Oz Show. She’s also the author of a cookbook forthcoming this fall. Maya received her Master of Science degree in clinical nutrition at New York University, where she works as an adjunct professor. You can find Maya on Instagram at @mayafellerRD or go to her website, mayafellernutrition.com.

Maya is looking forward to meeting and collaborating with other women in the culinary and nutrition space.

Airis “the Chef” Johnson, owner of Airis the Chef, LLC.

Airis, known for her big flavors, is a professional chef who has previously worked for industry leaders such as Gordon Ramsay, Danny Meyer and Whole Foods Market. She is also a Food Network CHOPPED Champion. Currently, under the Airis the Chef brand, Airis works as a private chef for high-profile clients, is a restaurant consultant and an adjunct instructor at the Johannesburg Culinary and Pastry School in Johannesburg, South Africa. She also has her own line of spice blends under Airis Foods. Find her on Instagram @airisthechef or through her website, airisthechefcooks.com.

Airis says she is always looking for new opportunities in this field and hopes to connect with women who have scaled their food companies to great financial heights.

Klancy Miller, writer and author of “Cooking Solo: The Fun of Cooking for Yourself.”

Klancy is a writer, recipe developer and teacher. In addition to authoring “Cooking Solo: The Fun of Cooking for Yourself,” her articles and recipes have been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Bon Appetit, Food and Wine and Cherry Bombe among other publications. She has also appeared on Food Network’s “Recipe for Success” and the Cooking Channel’s “Unique Sweets.” Klancy studied pastry at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, where she lived for four years working at the three-star Michelin restaurant Taillevent. Find her on Instagram @klancycooks or through her website, klancymiller.com.

Klancy says that she is always happy to talk about book projects and recipe development and hopes to meet (and potentially collaborate with) a lot of inspiring women in food.

New Members On Stage at the NY Jamaican Jerk Festival

Chefs Darlene Banks, Sam Davis and Cybille St. Aude, all new to the Alliance this year, are part of the celebrity chef line-up at the Jamaican Jerk Festival. See them in action at the city's biggest Caribbean food, music and cultural festival happening at Roy Wilkins Park in Queens on July 21.

Bottoms Up

Rockey's Puts Milk Punch in a Bottle

by Francine Cohen

Don’t you just love it when a brand-new spirit found at your favorite bar or local liquor store has a historic, literary and culinary backstory?

Here’s one for you – Rockey’s Milk Punch.

In the same family as possets and syllabubs, Rockey’s, a clear modifier made of pineapple, apple, citrus, green and black tea, is stabilized with neutral grain spirit.

But where’s the milk? Especially since you can see right through it?

The brand’s creator, Eamon Rockey, explains: “Rockey’s is a classic punch. You take some sort of booze – back in the day they used brandy or whiskey or rum – plus citrus -- and then you sweeten it with cake sugar or white sugar or maple or honey. Whatever you want. And, there’s almost always tea. Next you boil milk. When you throw it in with the other ingredients it’ll curdle – we call it breaking. If you do it right it’ll be strained out so you can taste everything but it’s clear.”

Clearly it’s a great new addition to the bar, but Rockey can’t take credit for creating it, just for popularizing it. He shares that the history behind the milk punch began in the late 1600s when Aphra Behn put it on the map. A writer, poet and playwright, she fought for women’s rights when it wasn’t a thing. She also was a British spy for the royal family. And she loved her punch!

So too did Ben Franklin who had a beloved recipe for milk punch. 

It was mentioned in Macbeth. Even the White House cookbook has a recipe for it, though it’s unlikely that today’s resident is consuming much, being an avowed teetotaler.

But if he were smart enough to honor history, and female entrepreneurs and American businesses (Rockey blends it in Brooklyn), he’d find that it’s not only delicious on its own over ice and with tonic or soda, it’s a perfect modifier that provides a backbone for the best notes of any spirit. Yet it’s lower in alcohol than a glass of wine. 

You can imbibe Rockey’s at Amali, Barbounia, the Beatrice Inn, the Up & Up and in a Ti' Punch at PDI. Or check out Bookmarks on Madison’s rooftop bar, where they blend Rockey’s into a refreshing frozen tequila cocktail. 

You can purchase it at: 

  • Bed-Vyne Wine & Spirits
  • BTL Harlem
  • Convive Wine and Spirits
  • Le Du’s Wine and Spirits 
  • Vintry Fine Wines
  • Wet Whistle Wines 
  • Whiskey & Wine off 69

Photos by Signe Birck.

Things to Read, See or Do

News from Our Members

Joyce Appelman has two stories in the July issue of Total Food Service. Click to page 22 and 32 for her articles (or just read the whole thing).

Miriam Rubin will be teaching a class on tomatoes at the HGS Cooking School in the beautiful town of Hillsdale, in the Hudson Valley (Her new home.)

Former Alliance President Barbara Sibley is featured in Rozanne Gold’s podcast “One Woman Kitchen."

The newsletter crew will take a break in August - look for an email from us in September!

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