Challah Baking for New Jewish Home

12/04/2018 6:30 PM | Anonymous

Report: Rose Cirrincione. Photographs: Alison Price Becker

NYWCA members met on December 4, 2018 at The Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan on the Upper West Side to learn about challah baking and braiding – our ultimate goal was to perform a community service event in which the baked challah rolls were being donated to The New Jewish Home, a senior care facility.

Irene Yager and Jackie Addy made the challah dough earlier in the morning and several batches were ready for the members to braid, shape, glaze, and bake in individual rolls. The class was led by Kate Landowne, an amazing instructor offering various tips and suggestions on baking challah. The kitchen had an amazing sweet smell of challah; we were all lucky enough to sample fresh, hot baked challah with a little drizzle of honey accompanied by a refreshing glass of kosher white wine.

After the members finished baking the batches of rolls for The New Jewish Home, it was time to learn how to make challah dough from scratch – “Challah in a Bag.” This recipe was so simple to make – and delicious.  In a 1-gallon plastic ziptop bag we added yeast, water, sugar, salt, oil, and 4 cups of flour with as little mess as possible. Then just knead the dough gently in the bag so it doesn't burst or rip.

I attended several challah baking events throughout the year and this one was my favorite so far. We had a wonderful evening of baking and networking. Each member went home with the challah recipe, braiding instructions and a batch of challah dough ready for the oven! I baked my challah for Shabbat – bread was scrumptious and delicious!


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