Fermentation Workshop

04/09/2019 6:00 PM | Anonymous

Report: Caity Moseman Wadler Photos: Barbara Sibley

On April 9th, NYWCA members and interested members of the public gathered for a home fermentation workshop led by Myra Kornfeld at Myra’s Kitchen near Union Square. The workshop covered 4 methods of lacto-fermentation: salt only, salt + water brine, whey, and salt + whey brine. Participants sampled delicate fruit and savory beet kvass, Myra’s potent “firewater” (a delicious addition to bone broth), plus a few versions of kraut and kimchee. Myra provided a great workbook with recipes and methods using readily available ingredients and simple tools for home fermentation. Anyone can get started with just a 1-quart wide-mouth jar! Gadget lovers may also wish to invest in a wooden kraut pounder. Myra showed how easy it is to use traditional methods of preservation to transform produce into bright and boldly-flavored home ferments that support a healthy gut microbiome. Learn more about Myra at www.myrakornfeld.com.

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